As the old saying goes  "thief always comes back to the scene of the crime" was indeed true for a couple in Badalona, Spain.

But they had to: because they have left their baby behind at the bookshop were they do the "shopping".

The couple was captured placing items into bags and slipping things into garments, and when they noticed the jig was up, they reached a mad dash for the door -- leaving their baby behind, according to
The shopkeeper phoned local police who left the child with a caretaker. Meanwhile, when the couple come back to the bookstore aiming to take their baby back, the cops were patiently waiting and quickly arrested them, ThinkSpain reported.

As strange as it seems, several criminal mother and father have included their youngsters in the "family business" lately.

Earlier this week, a pregnant female charged with shoplifting hit 3 workers as she left a Walmart store in Corpus Christi, Texas, reported by KRIS-TV.

Detectives say the woman was with a small kid when she was halted by a worker just before exiting the shop. She then escaped to the parking lot, got behind the wheel of her car and backed up into three employees, who police say were trying to convince the woman to come back inside the store.