Situated close to the enchanting town of Llanes, on the north coast of Spain, Gulpiyuri Beach is not like anything have ever seen, or perhaps imagined existed beyond fantasy books or imaginary planets. Envision walking over A hundred meters from the shoreline and tripping over a tiny enchanting beach right in the center of a green meadow. And while you may find other beaches entirely concealed from the open sea, around the world, this one is actually fully tidal and even has waves bathing the small strip of golden sand.

So how is it that waves form this far away from the ocean? It appears the salt waters of the Cantabrian Sea bored through the earth, creating a series of underground tunnels that now feed fresh water to Gulpiyuri Beach. Water from the nearby Bay of Biscay comes in through the underground tunnel network and washes up on Gulpiyuri in gentle waves, adding to the charm of this magical cove. 

The shallow crystal clear water of this place acts as a swimming invitation that cannot be refused, but you may find it a little cold, because the water tends to remain underground for a while, before washing into Gulpiyuri Beach.