Upon the availability of zombie obstacle race, zombie training camp and zombie infested mall challenge,  A group of enterprising young Australians has now decided to take things to a whole new level and announced they are working on a real-life first person shooter game for people who wish they could just get off the couch and play their favorite zombie shooter in real life. 
They plan to combine laser tag games, interactive role playing, technology and, of course, zombies to create a real life game where players can actually be the protagonists of their very own zombie survival adventure, Called “Patient 0″.

This unique experience will be launched on October 31st, in Melbourne, where it will run for a whole month. Depending on its success, the event will probably be held in other Australian cities, as well.  the people behind the IRF (In Real Life) Shooter project, it’s serious business. 

They plan on finding and dressing a location that looks like something out of a zombie video game, and adding professional-produced ambience sounds through a state of the art audio system, for extra eeriness. 

There will also be live HD video streaming from the CCTVs installed in the building. The actual zombies will be played by paid actors wearing a series of sensors which will register hits on various body parts. Some will play your usual generic zombie, while other will be harder-to-kill hero zombies and even game bosses. Because, as one of the developers says, “what sort of game hasn’t got bosses?”. 

Because Patient 0 is designed as a real life video game, it will also be story-driven with multiple levels, each with its own mission objectives, including information gathering and puzzle solving. According to the project page “this first instalment in the I.R.L Shooter universe is only going to play out once, then we change the story. It’s going to be up to the players to put all the pieces together, find all the hidden information and try to work out who is behind it all!”