Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Would you like to wake up as soon as the alarm sets off? Then Ramos is the best gadget for you. Probably the most annoying alarm clock in the world will make sure that you get out of bed every morning at the right time. It is impossible to ignore Ramos, and there’s no way you can go back to sleep. Here are the reasons why:

The ‘lockdown mode’ ensures that you won’t be able to reset the alarm as wake-up time approaches. Unplugging it won’t work either, because a battery takes over as soon as you yank out the cord.  So that effectively takes care of manipulating the alarm. The makers of Ramos have done away with the ‘unlimited’ snooze button. To make matters worst, Once Ramos alarm clock starts to ring, there’s no button on it to turn it off. The only way to stop the annoying sound is by entering the defusal code into a telephone-style keypad that is installed in another room. You have no choice but to get out of bed and punch in the code, which requires some degree of brain functionality, so you will be awake by the time you are done with Ramos.