Dreams are always been fascinating. Fascinating in the sense that what happens in our dreams we do somehow wish it would happen in our lives also. There are many psychologists and know "dream experts" who analyze our dreams and associate it with our daily lives or attitude, we do somehow contribute on what we are dreaming. 

There are known facts said to be associated with dreams and some of them might taken you a back. Below are some of them that would further enhance your understanding about dreams.

  • Some great inventions were first conceived during sleep  
  • Children have more nightmares than adults
  • And so do animals
  • We tend to dream of forbidden things
  • Dreams are very difficult to remember
  • Dreams speak in indirect language
  • Dreams can cause incorporation
  • Visually impaired people dream too
  • Disturbed sleep may lead to psychosis
  • Some people only dream in black and white
  • We can control our dreams
  • While dreaming we become temporarily paralyzed